Pontocaspian Biodiversity and stakeholders

Pontocaspian Biodiversity and stakeholders


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The Pontocaspian Taxonomic Information platform aims to provide standardized taxonomic information of so called Pontocaspian biota, to be used by researchers and policy makers working with Pontocaspian biodiversity. These biota are a unique and endemic flora and fauna that evolved in mostly brackish lake systems in and around the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and adjacent lakes in the past few million years. They are threathened and are in need of effective conservatoin measures. PC-IS has been developed by Niels Raes of Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Aleksandre Gogaladze, PRIDE early stage researcher at Naturalis, as part of the PRIDE (Drivers of Pontocaspian Biodiversity Rise and Demise) project. 

The PC-Tax system can be found here.

Stakeholder network in Ukraine and Romania

Social networks, sets of relationships between stakeholder institutions involved in environmental management and conservation, are very important in determining constructive actions for biodiversity. Effective management and conservation of biodiversity is best achieved through collaboration (information exchange, coordination of action) of various stakeholders.

Aleksandre Gogaladze, PRIDE early stage researcher, uses social network analyses to understand the patterns in relationships between organisations involved in biodiversity conservation, planning and management. He focuses on the social networks of stakeholders that are involved in conservation of the Pontocaspian biota in the coastal zones of Ukraine and Romania. He studies if the existing stakeholder frameworks permit effective conservation of Pontocaspian biota in these two countries. He showed that relevant stakeholders are in general well connected although networks are centralized on few key actors. He concludes that the Ukrainian stakeholder network is well suited to deal with effective biodiversity conservation, but that there is room to increase the understanding and appreciation of Pontocaspian biota within stakeholder institutions.

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